Debating John McCain’s Campaign Strategy

Does McCain’s attacks on Barack Obama provide an effective method for running a clean campaign about the major issues of our day?

John McCain

News articles on McCain’s Attack Strategy:

A Defense Of McCain’s Strategy Atlantic Online

McCain Takes Aim At Obama’s Character CBS News

John McCain’s Negative Attacks Against Barack Obama Hit a Low Mark US News & World Report

McCain stays on attack; Obama wants to talk economy International Herald Tribune

Obama Returns to Economy as McCain Assails Foreign Tour New York Times

Chuck Hagel says John McCain is ‘treading on some very thin ground’ Los Angeles Times

McCain Backs Away From ‘Timetable’ Remark ABC News

McCain camp jumps on Obama remark MSNBC

Permanent Link- McCain Campaign Continues to Criticize Obama Over Scratched European Troop Visit Fox News

Sen. Hagel Criticizes McCain Ad Wall Street Journal Blog

News Blogs on Barack Obama’s Trip:

McCain Campaign Again Unleashes Misleading Attack Over Canceled … TMP

Barack Obama Explains Decision To Cancel Troop Visit In Germany News Hounds

McCain Campaign Attacks Obama on Canceling Troop Visit, Again ToTheCenter

New McCain ad- Obama didn’t visit the troops in Germany because he … Hot Air

Obama Bails on Wounded Soldiers to ‘Tour Around a Little Bit’ Human Events

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