Barack Obama in Afghanistan

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  1. MJ
    Posted July 20, 2008 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

    When Bill Clinton came to Kuwait many years ago for a photo op, so few military personnel cared to be “used” as a backdrop for that draft dodger that the military leadership “ordered” personnel to the event so they wouldn’t be chided for “not showing support for the President”, thus having their FitReps tarnished, which would effect their advancement. Most of the military personnel there were rear echelon admin. The whole thing was disgusting. Close scrutiny of aspects of Obama’s videos show nearly all Blacks and I wonder how many of them were admin, security, and just plain dupes. Also, if I recall, there is only one segment showing anyone “cheering” and again, they’re mostly Blacks. The other cheering crowd is never shown. It wouldn’t surprise me if the cheering was dubbed in. The female holding what appears to be a photo of Obama looks uncomfortable. Normally, that kind of expression is not allowed as military personnel are not permitted to hold up signs or other. The hypocrisy of all this “show” is nauseating. I agree, “Obomba” is a bafoon and so are his dysfunctional supporters.

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