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Will Tim Kaine be Obama’s VP Choice?

Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia dodged questions about joining the Obama ticket. Critics speculate on the experience question. Will Kaine bring a new perspective to the race and more importantly is Virginia wrapped up? News Articles on Kaine: Kaine sidesteps VP questions MSNBC Va. Gov. Kaine A Focus In Obama VP Search CBS News Republicans […]

The perks of being a Presidential Contender

Some of us can only care one overhead baggage. I guess when you’re running to be the next leader of the free world and its your campaign play you have special perks.

Debating John McCain’s Campaign Strategy

Does McCain’s attacks on Barack Obama provide an effective method for running a clean campaign about the major issues of our day? News articles on McCain’s Attack Strategy: A Defense Of McCain’s Strategy Atlantic Online McCain Takes Aim At Obama’s Character CBS News John McCain’s Negative Attacks Against Barack Obama Hit a Low Mark US […]

Will Obama get tough on Meet The Press?

McCain’s campaign ad outrageous?

The latest round of attacks by McCain go over the top: See the latest ad:

Barack Obama meets with Gordon Brown

al-Maliki Supports Obama withdrawl plan?

Headlines: Maliki backs Obama’s exit plan Obama Campaign Welcomes Maliki Support for Timetable White House sends press corps al-Maliki praise for Obama plan Iraqi PM says US should leave as soon as possible Maliki Doesn’t Endorse Obama Troop Withdrawal Plan (Update1) Iraqi Prime Minister backs plan to withdraw British and US troops …

Barack Obama in Afghanistan

McCain in the News

McCain reaffirms stand on migration Arizona Republic McCain touts support for NAFTA to Hispanic group Dallas Morning News McCain’s School Choice Opportunity Wall Street Journal Saving the Republican party The Guardian Pawlenty by a hair… for VP? MSNBC Romney’s stock rising as possible McCain VP Reuters Lance Armstrong Foundation to Welcome Senator John McCain Market […]

Barack Obama in the News

Responsibility key theme of Obama NAACP speech CNN Obama Campaign to Decide on Berlin Speaking Venue in Two Days Bloomberg For Obama, a questionable finale planned in Denver Boston Globe Veep Peek: Guide To VP Selection Sky News Obama pops up in more campaign lit Atlanta Journal Constitution Obama the Empathetic ABC News Bernie Mac, […]