Clinton Obama in a Crucial Battle for Legitimacy

If your blood is not pumping extra fast these days I take it politics is not your thing. At this stage in the race the stakes are very high. Most polls and analyst expect Hillary Clinton to come away with a victory in the popular vote and a slight edge in delegates, but the thinking is if Obama is close in California and wins in the so called red states he comes out of Super Duper Tuesdays with a lot of momentum and even a possible grab at the coveted Super Delegates.

 Some crucial factors in this race is the extent to which Edwards withdrawal from the race will boost Obama or will it be a wash with a split of Edwards supporters to both sides. The white male vote could give Obama the boost he needs in this race. I believe they bent towards anything but Clinton in this race; Obama has a great chance in Virginia because of this.

Obama has to do well among Latinos and the white women to really make Tuesday night interesting. The Clinton camp was worried enough to send Bill Clinton to watch the Superbowl with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. In this late stage when undecideds loom large in the race Obama unleashed a wonderful gambit in getting the Kennedy and The First Lady of California Maria Shriver’s endorsement and dispatching Oprah to California in the late stage of the race.

The first time in the debate last week I sensed an Obama that is capable of taking on a Republican challenger, because he was able to be poised and thoughtful during the debate. The New Hampshire debate backfired because he went in tough and galvanized Clinton’s support among women in the Granite state.

There is still time for Edwards to give that mega endorsement. I think he was right not to throw it out there. As Obama said there is still a lot of terrain to cover.

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