John McCain could receive over 10% of the Black Vote

Ten percentage points from Afro Americans around the country and factoring in all those who decide to stay home because of some of the racially charged statements from the Clinton camp would all but certain give John McCain the race.

 Analysts have not factored in on a match-up between Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton and it’s impact on the largest minority group in the country. Senator McCain as it stands now, could possibly receive 10% of the Afro-American vote if Barack Obama is not on the ticket. This would be a record amount of votes from Afro-Americans, many of whom have stated they will vote for the Republican challenger because of the way Bill Clinton has inserted himself in the Democratic Primary race.

Afro-Americans who have served in the military admire McCain for his service and the fact that he has not engaged in the grandstanding around issues of race in Washington. McCain has a real chance of outlining his own agenda for real and meaningful investments in education, health-care and job creation that will give him a tremendous boost from minorities and the blue collar vote.

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