On the Verge of Another Clinton Presidency

Given the commotion within the Democratic Primary race it is clear that there could never be a Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice within the Democratic Party. Bigoted questions about Barack Obama’s past would’ve sparked a huge outrage if it would’ve been brought up by a Republican challenger. It is not hard to believe that it was sanctioned by the likes of senior advisors and confidants of the Democratic Party in Clinton camp.

When the Clintons were beaten in Iowa on the issues they reached for some of the deep felt sentiment within the party that only tolerates difference when it provides access to office. The Clintons have also demonstrated that tarnishing the reputation of the Democratic Party’s most promising political figures is nothing when the road to the White House is blocked.

To be certain, the comments made by Hillary Clinton regarding Martin Luther King were very insensitive to the Civil Rights era and it represented what some Democrats believe about Washington being the only cure for solving their perception of America’s perceived and unperceived problems.

 The Clintons took Obama’s argument of turning the page on a potential Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton Presidency very serious. When their backs were against the wall they came out in New Hampshire ready to fight to the death. And it is the fight that they’ve become masters at. Obama will not win the nomination complaining about being beaten up like John Kerry did in ’04. He will have to win by talking about the evils of another Clinton Presidency and asking can America afford it.


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  1. Ain't My Brother
    Posted January 27, 2008 at 9:07 am | Permalink

    Bill and Hillary Clinton will not win the presidency. When Hillary returns to New York, she and her “step and fetch” “local negro” supporters will be run out of town. BILL, MOVE YOUR OFFICE OUT OF HARLEM. Chelsea, your mamma will not be leaving a dynasty for YOU!

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