Obama Appealing to Independent and Nonaligned Voters in NH

Barack Obama and the Independent Voter

Senator Hillary Clinton has hit the ground on the attack, but her problem is 40% percent of New Hampshire voters are independent and nonaligned. They have been packing into everyone of Obama’s events at this point. And if this movement continues, Clinton loses big in this state.

 Time is of the essence in New Hampshire. If Clinton does not stop Obama during the debate without appearing nasty and vicious then her chances are gone. Edwards will also come out contrasting his positions with Obama and Clinton’s and will make a case for his candidacy during the debate.

Obama’s momentum is outrageous during his packed events in New Hampshire. Down here on the ground traffic is backed up and people are waiting to get in to standing room only events. Most voters do not see change in a Bush Clinton Bush Clinton appeal represented by Senator Clinton.

Polls that show Hillary Clinton on top are suspect, because they are not reaching folks who have never voted and young voters with cell phones.


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