Hillary Clinton Strikes at Democratic Debate

Democratic Debate 

Senator Hillary Clinton went after John Edwards and Senator Barack Obama during the Democratic Debate hosted by ABC News. Charlie Gibson asked the candidates questions about the differences between experience and change. At this point, Senator Clinton jumped in and talked about her record and her actions as First Lady and Senator that she argued made her a better President to lead on day one.

The fine line in the debate was the ability to offer positive contrasts with her opponents without appearing negative. Individuals in live focus groups on Fox News thought Clinton appeared negative. She talked about growing crises around the world that required a tough leader and cited 35 years experience.

When all is said and done, the question would have to be, did Clinton stop the momentum of Barack Obama since Iowa? Primary night will have be a better indicator, but unfortunately there were scene of desparation on the part of Clinton. There were no real specifics in her argument and Obama did well enough in the debate to keep charging towards victory.

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