Daily Archives: January 5th, 2008

Hillary Clinton Strikes at Democratic Debate

  Senator Hillary Clinton went after John Edwards and Senator Barack Obama during the Democratic Debate hosted by ABC News. Charlie Gibson asked the candidates questions about the differences between experience and change. At this point, Senator Clinton jumped in and talked about her record and her actions as First Lady and Senator that she argued […]

Will New Hampshire Decide the Next President?

The news media in the Granite State of New Hampshire have been covering the New Hampshire Primary from stump speech to stump speech. There is no doubt that this is one of the most thrilling elections in recent memory on both the Republican and Democratic side. eNews References: Amherst Citizen Bedford Bulletin Bedford Journal Neighbourhood […]

Obama Appealing to Independent and Nonaligned Voters in NH

Senator Hillary Clinton has hit the ground on the attack, but her problem is 40% percent of New Hampshire voters are independent and nonaligned. They have been packing into everyone of Obama’s events at this point. And if this movement continues, Clinton loses big in this state.  Time is of the essence in New Hampshire. […]