Senator Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama 

The room at Barack Obama’s headquarters was momentous and the energy was very high. Barack Obama delivered the best speech of his race when he talked about hope and who is the best agent of change in the Democratic field of candidates. The Iowa Caucus  has let the candidates and the rest of the country know that change is the operative word in the ’08 race.

Iowa Caucus Results

In the United States of America an Afro-American candidate has won in a state that is 95% white based on his message of uniting the country around core middle class values. The numbers of participants in the Caucuses around Iowa indicated people are captivated about the message of changing politics as we know it.

This Iowa Caucus will forever be historic. A Latino, Woman and an Afro-American finished in the top four. Obama touched on themes of some of the tests we’ve had in our young nation’s history and the unlikeliness of his story and that it can only be accomplished in the United States. Someone should put a microphone up to Al Sharpton right now to get his thoughts on this race. For as much as we hear about some of the problems in this country, we are now witnessing a transformation in America.

American should be proud that two candidates on the both the Republican and Democratic side have won even though they have emerged from humble and unlikely beginnings. This is what America is all about!


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  1. Carolyn Ward
    Posted January 4, 2008 at 1:33 am | Permalink

    Am I the only person who predicted an Obama landslide? Not just tonight but next year?

    I am a disgusted Reagan Republican. Voted Reagan, Reagan, Perot Perot Buchanan… and then stayed home and watched a Napoleonic smurf – a megalomaniac dry drunk – destroy the country, the military, the currency and the FUTURE of America.

    A tool of neocons loyal to Israel – this messianic midget of a man has single handedly destroyed the worlds premiere democracy and former lamp unto nations.

    And now – White Middle Class America is going to have its say.

    WE are going to elect OBAMA – the name sounds close enough to Osama to send a VERY clear message to the 51st state wannabees in Tel Aviv.

    ITS OVER Hersh….. It’s over.

    Obama is the Tiger Woods candidate that makes every American feel like we’ve done our job well. He makes a Wisconsin housewife feel proud of the country who produced this young man.

    I saw it coming, and told every one who would listen.

    An Obama presidency is going to shove Bush’s face in it. The best revenge for the smurf? — to know he will be the most reviled former president in history. Once enough history has passed to see the villainy of this presidency AND the treasonous monsters who manipulated this little man into thinking he was the ‘desider’

    what a triumph for America.

    Israel – you ARE TOAST

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