Endorsements Will Assure NH & SC Victories for Obama

Barack Obama Political endorsements

Barack Obama already has the support of the only two US Representatives in New Hampshire. They have both actively campaigned for Obama up until now and will do so even more actively as the New Hampshire Primary draws near. The endorsements of Al Gore and the Governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch are still out there. Even independently minded Colin Powell, who has been advising Barack Obama, might tip his hat in Obama’s favor to redeem his UN testimony.

Iowa has given Obama’s campaign the viability it needed to go national and raise the crucial funds needed. More and more Democrats will begin to believe in the electability of a candidate who proposed a dramatic realigning of the red/blue state dynamic. Obama speech indicated that voters disappointed with the war in Iraq, ethics in government, energy and corporate greed will vote in his corner.

Al Gore made the mistake of endorsing Howard Dean before going into Iowa before Dean was ultimately given a huge defeat. Iowa’s vitory might give Gore the incentive to back an anti-war candidate who has put energy at the center of his message. Now that Obama is coming out of Iowa with a great deal of momentum and the funds to go national some view it as a two-way matchup between Senator Clinton and Obama.


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