Zogby/Reuters/C-Span Poll: Obama Leads Democratic Field

Barack Obama is up in polls

The latest Zogby/Reuters/C-Span poll is saying the same thing the Des Moines Register Poll did. Senator Barack Obama has a lead in polls that might give him a huge victory in Iowa. Some have raised questions about his experience, but it seems no one can question his ability to appeal to Iowan voters and organized the type of campaign that has energized Democratic, Independent and even some Republicans in Iowa.

John Edwards is still within striking distance staying in the margin of error to remain virtually tied in the crucial race to win the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Both Obama and Edwards have injected populous themes in their campaign and stumped on working class values.

Hillary Clinton is showing third according to the Zogby/Reuters/C-Span poll. If Hillary Clinton pulls in third in this race then she has to face the possibility of going into New Hampshire to face Obama with a great deal of momentum or Edwards from possible victors in Iowa.


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  1. Anyonymous2008
    Posted January 3, 2008 at 11:27 pm | Permalink

    I turned down a Security Clearance for Satellite Weapons Targeting during President Clinton’s Administration. Knowing that there was a war on the way, I felt that I did not want blood on my hands. After meeting with retired Pentagon Nuclear Intelligence Officers since 2001, I know that the Replublicans led us to war in the Middle East because they were baiting and waiting for decades. I am voting for Senator Clinton because she knows the stakes for the security of our country are higher than Obama can IMAGINE.

    Please, for the sake of Our Country: Wake UP AMERICA and smell the deception of those who want to entrap us in our own blind spots, those who will abuse our good will and desire to free our selves from past mistakes like slavery. Please vote for the Woman who has her eye on the ball. Take Bhutto’s assassination, Senator Clinton knows that leadership is placing her life at stake. Obama is in his head thinking that he knows things about things he does not even imagine is real.

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