Is Romney’s Presidential Campaign Authentic?

Romney Huckabee and McCain on the Stump

Governor Mitt Romney has put up issues oriented ads criticising Senator John McCain and Governor Mike Huckabee’s record on a whole hose of issues around immigration, taxes and conservatisim. Romney has for the most part stayed on message and has not went negative in this race. He has contrasted his point of view with his opponents point of view albeit with a lot of personal assets to do it with.

Both Huckabee and McCain has not responded in-kind. Both campaigns have limited resources for a long national race at this point. This is why it is not surprising that McCain’s ads are stinging and meant to leave voters with a lasting perception of Romney. Both McCain and Huckabee have raised questions about Romney’s character, not about issues.

John McCain cites two of the leading papers in New Hampshire that raises questions about Romney’s character. Mike Huckabee has went on every major network stating Romney is dishonest and even questions Romney’s position change on conservative issues after running for senator and governor in the state of Massachusetts.

No matter how many ads Senator John Kerry put up he was constantly dogged by the perception that he wasn’t authentic. If McCain and Huckabee can put this in the minds of voters it will be tough for Romney to get beyond these attacks considering the fact that his position changed. In his support of abortion in Massachusetts he went so far as saying he supported it because his mother was a staunch supporter before he changed his position before running for President.

Tommorow we will know the extent to which Huckabee and McCain’s ads have hurt Romney’s chances, but are McCain and Huckabee’s claims legitimate? We would be dishonest if we didn’t think there were concerns. Candidates can change positions, but the difference with Romney is that he seems to have changed during the times he was running for a office. And it doesn’t help that Romney is putting up a lot his own money in this race.

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