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John McCain could receive over 10% of the Black Vote

Ten percentage points from Afro Americans around the country and factoring in all those who decide to stay home because of some of the racially charged statements from the Clinton camp would all but certain give John McCain the race.  Analysts have not factored in on a match-up between Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton and it’s impact on […]

On the Verge of Another Clinton Presidency

Given the commotion within the Democratic Primary race it is clear that there could never be a Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice within the Democratic Party. Bigoted questions about Barack Obama’s past would’ve sparked a huge outrage if it would’ve been brought up by a Republican challenger. It is not hard to believe that it […]

List of Powerful Presidential Donors in ’08 Race

Take look at what the candidates have raised and their powerful donors. For the first time in the history of Presidential politics the candidates are expected to raise over 1 Billion dollars. The stakes are high in this race. Senator Hillary Clinton has already announced that her campaign has raised over 100 million to date. […]

Reno newspaper endorses Obama

  The Reno Gazette-Journal is endorsing Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney in its print edition tomorrow. The paper, which along with USA TODAY is owned by Gannett, posted the editorials today on its website. More

Hillary Clinton on Meet The Press

It appears that Senator Clinton’s war machine wants her to be tough down the stretch. She continued to invoke Senator  Barack Obama’s name when she was asked questions about her vote to authorize the war in Iraq.  When she was asked questions about personal mistakes she accused the Bush Administration of lying to the American people. In […]

Fox News: McCain and Obama Up Big in NH!

The latest Fox News Opinion Dynamics Poll shows McCain and Obama up with a sizable lead in NH of likely Republican and Democrat voters. Take a look: Complete Report:

Drudge: Clinton Campaign Discuss Exit Strategy

Excerpt: TALK OF HILLARY EXIT ENGULFS CAMPAIGNS Mon Jan 07 2008 09:46:28 ET  Facing a double-digit defeat in New Hampshire, a sudden collapse in national polls and an expected fund-raising drought, Senator Hillary Clinton is preparing for a tough decision: Does she get out of the race? And when?! Source Drudge Report

Bloomberg: Obama widens lead in NH

Reprint: Obama Leads Clinton 38% to 26% in New Hampshire, ARG Poll Says By Dan Hart Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama, who won the Iowa caucuses, leads Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 12 percentage points among likely voters in the Jan. 8 Democratic presidential primary, according to an American Research Group Inc. poll. […]

Hillary Clinton Strikes at Democratic Debate

  Senator Hillary Clinton went after John Edwards and Senator Barack Obama during the Democratic Debate hosted by ABC News. Charlie Gibson asked the candidates questions about the differences between experience and change. At this point, Senator Clinton jumped in and talked about her record and her actions as First Lady and Senator that she argued […]

Will New Hampshire Decide the Next President?

The news media in the Granite State of New Hampshire have been covering the New Hampshire Primary from stump speech to stump speech. There is no doubt that this is one of the most thrilling elections in recent memory on both the Republican and Democratic side. eNews References: Amherst Citizen Bedford Bulletin Bedford Journal Neighbourhood […]