The Obama 2nd Choice is Golden in Iowa

Quad City Times Poll

One of the polls that Senator Clinton’s team is squeamish about is the fact that a lot of Iowan voters are saying that Barack Obama is their second place choice. That’s to say that the Kucinich, Biden, and Dodd caucusers of the world will give Obama the nod if their candidate doesn’t reach 15% points.

This poll shows that Obama has a robust lead and it’s very real. Analysts are saying that the Clinton’s are working very hard to save face and know that their chances in Iowa have gone by months ago. Of late they are using surrogates, the Kerry and Shaheens of the political word to play up all of the negatives to win this race.

If Hillary Clinton come in a close second they will again proclaim themselves the comeback kids going into New Hampshire. The stakes are very high for Hillary at this point. She wants to win and the Des Moines Register endorsement was good at only shoring up the numbers that she has in her corner already. If she loses she would much rather lose to John Edwards, who doesn’t have the money nor the network to compete on the nationally.

The second place caucusers will not only give Obama the edge in this race, but it will also have the impact of winning the race handedly.

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  1. Posted December 18, 2007 at 8:22 am | Permalink

    Hello. I found your blog through a comment you left on my site. I have a question for you about Obama. Even though he has generally taken the high road while Clinton in particular has been particularly nasty, do you think that because of the “Clinton vs. Obama” storyline, Obama’s reputation will be tarnished by association, thus allowing Edwards to sneak his way to an Iowa victory? Edwards had been quite combative and nasty earlier this summer and fall, but has since adopted a nicer, more civil tone as the rhetoric between Clinton and Obama has escalated.

    Having said that, an Obama victory in Iowa would obviously be a big deal. It would knock out Edwards, who would presumably throw his support behind Obama and also give one of the second tier hopefuls (Richardson, Biden, Dodd) one last chance to draw distinctions between themselves in New Hampshire. A loss to Edwards in Iowa would keep this as a three way race, but a loss to Clinton would probably be fatal, despite Obama’s cash and campaign apparatus.

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