Democratic Establishment: Senator Obama “Too Risky”

Former President Bill Clinton has led the charge from the Democratic establishment that the Junior Senator from Illinois is not experienced enough to be the leader of the free world. They have also raised questions in the media about his Muslim ties and an early admission that he used cocaine in his teen years to boot.

 All of these issues are being raised to discredit a candidate who has been the darling of the media and Iowans since his announcement for President. While many polls say that he has a damn good shot at beating his Republican opponent, they are saying that putting your trust in a Senator in office for a year would be “too risky” at this most crucial stage in our country.

The on-line version of “risky” makes a vote for Obama somewhat hazardous. Which Democratic Operative came up with this term to define Obama: definition of Risky

Bill Clinton has emerged in the race at Hillary Clinton’s hip, securing the endorsement of the Daily Register and raising questions about an Obama Presidency on Charlie Rose. What all this amounts to is Washington telling American voters in the heartland that they cant be trusted with their heart and guts to make informed decisions in this race.

The Democratic establishment world is telling voters that Obama is a good candidate but not the right candidate for our times and proven and tested leadership is needed for this country. Corruption in government, the brain thrust that authorized the war in Iraq, and disenfranchisement from government among so many Americans with politics in Washington has not been “risky” enough.

If Obama doesn’t in some way begin to counter with a message that will answer the risky attack effectively it will start to resonate unfortunately.

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