Backroom Deal of the Des Moines’ Clinton Endorsement

Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Cillizza of “The Fix” presented a backroom deal of the Des Moines Register’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. President Clinton seems to be front and center in Hillary’s campaign of late. He didn’t deny Charlie Rose’s assessment that he was angry at Clinton’s advisors over her lackluster performance in Iowa and he seemed to know the tid bits of every argument presented in the media against her candidacy. It was funny to hear his assessment of the much reported Kindergarten Debacle.

So it wouldn’t be surprising for Bill Clinton to be smoozing the Des Moines Register board to influence their vote. It seemed as though they emerged as a package and presented Senator Clinton’s candidacy as a two for one selection.

It seemed like Washington swooped down and overwhelmed the Board at the Des Moines Register. Cillizza of “The Fix” writes:

Clinton and her husband met with the board over cocktails to make the case. A series of surrogates — including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, retired Gen. Wesley Clark, EMILY’s List chief Ellen Malcolm and Robert Kennedy Jr. — barraged the board with calls in support of Clinton. High-level Clinton staffers — including campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle, pollster Mark Penn, policy director Neera Tanden and senior adviser Ann Lewis — met individually with members of the board to make the case.

Finally Cillizza writes one of the key components of the endorsement of the Des Moines Register. Obama‘s support among the board was evident, but unfortunately for the Obama supporters he didn‘t have the backing of a former President:

“From working for children’s rights as a young lawyer, to meeting with leaders around the world as first lady, to emerging as an effective legislator in her service as a senator, every stage of her life has prepared her for the presidency. That readiness to lead sets her apart from a constellation of possible stars in her party, particularly Barack Obama, who also demonstrates the potential to be a fine president. When Obama speaks before a crowd, he can be more inspirational than Clinton. Yet, with his relative inexperience, it’s hard to feel as confident he could accomplish the daunting agenda that lies ahead.”

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