Bill Clinton Throws Hillary’s White Flag Up In Iowa

Bill Clinton on the Charlie Rose Show 

Bloggers has argued that President Clinton’s Charlie Rose interview was just another campaign event for his wife. The topic of micro lending came up and President Clinton used the opportunity to talk about Senator Clinton micro lending start-up in Arkansas. He also used the opportunity to throw out the white flag for his wife.

This was also an opportunity for Hillary to recast her appeal not for Iowan voters, but for the voters in the Granite state. She started her race appearing warm and friendly and not responding quick enough to attacks from the like of John Edwards and Barack Obama “contrasting” his record with hers.

Bill Clinton gets on television with Charlie Rose and comes out essentially admitting defeat saying, “She might win in Iowa.” And, “I didn’t think she had a chance in Iowa,” as part of a strategy to soften the blow. Unfortunately the problem with this strategy is that the voters in Iowa might be saying something that voters all over the country will say in a fundamental way. It’s time to turn the page on the Bush/Clinton era in politics.

In hindsight Bill Clinton might be saying Hillary Clinton should’ve never went to Iowa. The truth of the matter is there’s a chance that she might come in third in Iowa and she could’ve pulled third without even going. A lot of campaign resources were spent there and the image of the perennial frontrunner have been tarnished there as well.

It seems like she has no other choice but to come out on the attack and risk appearing negative and worse risk losing the Afro American voting bloc at a more rapid pace. Clinton’s strategist can’t keep saying Obama is not experienced enough when he’s winning in the polls. They must respect what voters see in him and attack him displaying how Senator Clinton would govern. Unfortunately she didn’t feel the need to give any specifics until her double digit lead started to dwindle.

Senator Clinton has to get on a podium and acknowledge a tough defeat and let the country know that she will change her tactics by showing up whole heartedly in the ’08 race and not ignoring it.

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