Clinton Strategically Using the Race Card

The Clinton camp has to be worried about Afro-Americans increasing their support of Obama. The Wall Street Journal Online did a report on a poll released by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies (states) and Pew Research Center (national poll) that graphically show a damaging trend if you’re a Clinton strategist.

Blacks are increasing their support of the Senator from Illinois and it can be crucial because Afro-Americans make up half the voting bloc in early primary southern states. This could give Obama the edge he needs to turn back Clinton’s double digit lead nationally. Clinton seems to be echoing some of the initial fears of Afro-Americans, Obama can’t win because America is not ready for an Afro-American male to lead the country in a coded fashion.

An opening for Clinton is hinted in this week of attacks on Obama: his liberal voting record, his early drug use and his lack of experience makes him unelectable. The strategy now would have to be championing the “change” label and cast yourself as someone who is capable of leadership from day one and in a peripheral way casting Barack Obama as being just what he is, Afro-American. Up until know he has been a figure that transcended the race question. You can’t come out and say he’s unelectable because he’s Black, but you can bring out questions about his his connection to the Muslim Faith, drug use, cast him as being too liberal, and say that he’s not experienced enough. And there’s  no better way than to have Afro-American leaders like Sheila Jackson-Lee echoing this attack.

Early on, analysts never thought we’d be here with Obama tying in IA, NH and SC. If Obama gets out of the box in Iowa this race has to change and it will change along the color lines. As Obama appeals to Afro-Americans more and Senator Clinton loses more Afro-American voters the dynamics will shift.

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