The O’ Factor Oprah Support of Obama Down the Stretch

Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama

The support that the biggest name in show business has lavished upon the Senator from Illinois will be crucial precisely because of the timing of the events in crucial early states. Oprah has the ability to hold the Clinton attack machine at bay to give Obama enough time to mobilize his forces and raise the crucial dollar needed to advertise and get his name out there and provide the unClinton message.

There is nothing superficial about celebrities coming out in support of presidential candidates. Chuck Todd, the Political Director at NBC raised this issue as being a possible problem for the Obama campaign. I think Obama has the ability to stay on message and provide someone a lot larger than Chuck Norris on the campaign trail.

Oprah carried the day in Iowa and made the biggest impact in bringing the crowd to hear the Senator still suffering from lack of name recognition and the notoriety of the more established Clinton campaign.

Senator Clinton launched an assault that was supposed to be sustained until the final weeks of the race in Iowa, instead her competitor running neck and neck with her in Iowa is getting a heap of media attention and face time with the crucial female vote. All you can ask for going up against Hillary Clinton is to have enough money and media attention to compete.

John Edwards has benefited from Obama’s articulation of the ’90s and the ‘turn the page’ argument against the Clintons. He has remained consistently in the tick of the race and will have the potential of jumping in there if Obama falters in Iowa. I see Obama having to work very hard, if he doesn’t do well in Iowa, to hold Senator Clinton at bay if she wins or comes in a very close second in Iowa.

A close second place finish for Hillary will give her the ability to fundamentally tweak her message and and rebound in New Hampshire.

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