Senator Clinton’s Plan B out of Iowa

All of the top three Democratic contenders have devised a scenario of loosing Iowa putting on their best face and heading to New Hampshire. The truth of the matter is a lose in Iowa will be a serious blow to all the candidates and even a bigger hit to John Edwards who have struggled to get his message out there with the likes of looming figures like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

In the event that you come up short in Iowa, please whatever you do DO NOT give a loud shout on stage. You tell the media you knew you were in for a tough fight in Iowa from the very beginning and you campaigned through insurmountable odds and still surprised yourself with the showing. You talk about the battle in New Hampshire and keep going. In New Hampshire your first three rallies have to be with all of the supporters you can muster to give the look and feel of strength while still maintaining the underdog spirit.

Edwards still maintain a close distance and is very much in the running down the stretch in the heartland. If he pulls it out the media blitz that awaits him will give him that extra boost and as Tim Russert stated it will be hard for the other contenders to play.

Senator Barack Obama is either winning IA, NH and SC or under 2 percentage points depending on what poll your looking at. The latest NBC Mason-Dixon Poll shows Obama within 2 points in IA, NH and SC. A win in Iowa and a strong second place finish in New Hampshire could give him the strength he need to take South Carolina; at this point it could be anyone’s race.

All the pundits pretty much gave this nomination to Hillary Clinton at one point, but it was the tenacity of Edwards and Obama that has put this race up for grabs down the stretch.

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