Paradox: Bill Clinton Paved the way for Obama’s Candidacy

President Bill Clinton's Cabinet

Don’t get us wrong, the civil rights movement had a lot to do with Obama being where he is today. If it wasn’t for progressively minded administrators at the University of Hawaii the Senior Obama would’ve never landed on US soil. Indeed the very essence of Obama’s strength lies in the fact that he has been fighting his father’s demons and the unlikeliness of his father and his own ambitions. As he stated, part of his drive is due to the fact that his father left and his need to show him he was worthy of his attention.

The President Clinton is so popular among Afro-Americans and indeed jokingly considered by Blacks to be the first Black President of the United States because his cabinet was the first to show talented and capable minorities to the world.

I don’t think their is a better way for Senator Clinton to describe her rightful claim to the office of president and to halt Obama’s coded attacks against the Clinton Administration than to articulately state, that to some degree, Obama’s leadership was authenticated by high profile cabinet members during Clinton’s rein.

Some of them were consistently investigated, but they were all considered qualified and capable leaders. Ron Brown Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce and Mike Espy Secretary of Agriculture were never questioned about their ability to perform at the national level.

Clinton is credited for not just cloaking his Presidency with qualified Afro-American leaders, but also hanging out with the likes of the powerful Washington Attorney Vernon Jordan, considered to be his first friend and confidant. This climate displayed in the media produced Deval Patrick, former Tennessee Representative Harold Ford and a new era of leadership and trust for Afro-American leaders.

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