Daily Archives: December 10th, 2007

Paradox: Bill Clinton Paved the way for Obama’s Candidacy

Don’t get us wrong, the civil rights movement had a lot to do with Obama being where he is today. If it wasn’t for progressively minded administrators at the University of Hawaii the Senior Obama would’ve never landed on US soil. Indeed the very essence of Obama’s strength lies in the fact that he has […]

Senator Clinton’s Plan B out of Iowa

All of the top three Democratic contenders have devised a scenario of loosing Iowa putting on their best face and heading to New Hampshire. The truth of the matter is a lose in Iowa will be a serious blow to all the candidates and even a bigger hit to John Edwards who have struggled to […]

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon Poll: Clinton Obama Edwards Very Close

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon 12/10/2007 The latest MSNBC Mason Dixon Poll indicate just want everyone knows at this stage in the race; the Democratic contenders are neck-in-neck in Iowa and Clinton and Obama are close in New Hampshire and South Carolina as the battle heats up. I’m going out on the limb when I say that either Clinton, […]

The O’ Factor Oprah Support of Obama Down the Stretch

The support that the biggest name in show business has lavished upon the Senator from Illinois will be crucial precisely because of the timing of the events in crucial early states. Oprah has the ability to hold the Clinton attack machine at bay to give Obama enough time to mobilize his forces and raise the […]