Hillary Clinton Booed in Iowa

Senator Hillary Clinton was participating by phone at the Heartland Community Values Forum in Des Moines, Iowa when loud boos could be heard after her response to an immigration question. Clinton was asked whether “giving undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship” would be a priority in her first hundred days as President. Clinton told the audience “comprehensive immigration reform will be a high priority for me.” This was met with thunderous boos throughout the facility.

This brings up the recent Democratic debate in Nevada where Edwards and Obama were booed on stage as they gave critical responses to Hillary Clinton. I’m using the phrase ‘all politics are local’ to make the point that you have to be there on the ground to get a sense of the room.

Some questioned whether the boos were staged in the Democratic debate and it made Edwards and Obama positions appear unpopular even though their remarks seemed thoughtful. This recent episode could be payback.


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    Hillary Clinton is already being targeted by terrorist as evidenced by the hostage situation at her campaign’s office in N.H. Because she holds to a weak appeasement philosophy all the nuts are coming out to attempt to blackmail her to get what they want. MidEast terrorist will be glad to see her elected because they know she and the Democratic will cave to them every time they threaten the U.S. with boxcutters.

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