A Fight to the Death in December

The month of December represents the race toward the finish for Presidential Candidates. If you don’t have what it takes Iowa will put your campaign on a one-way ticket back to where you came from. I was talking to a Joe Biden supporter last week and he said he wasn’t disillusioned a miracle had to happen fro his candidate to win. I believe John Kerry pulled off a miracle in 2004, but for some Iowa will mean an end to their stumping.

Mike Huckabee pulled off a miracle in this race. To think that he started his campaign by being ridiculed by Chris Matthews because he was waiting to see the reaction to his biography before announcing his candidacy for President, as if sales from a book was an indicator of what it took to be the leader of the free world.

Huckabee has defied all odds. The odds being all of the millions poured into Iowa and the airwaves. Romney is probably the most intelligent figure in the race on both sides, but he is probably the least likeable candidate in the race. I don’t dare compare him to John Kerry, but I have to say his stiffness is like Kerry’s. In every debate everyone knew who was smarter when it was Bush vs Kerry, but polls indicated voters wanted someone to relate to.

Senator Obama wins the likeability nod in his tight race against Senator Clinton. It doesn’t help that Bush is being quoted as saying he believes Clinton will be a “formidable candidate,” as if the Washington establishment begot it’s own.

There is a long time to go. Everyday can be a challenge for a candidate like Barack Hussein Obama because he’s still the unknown commodity in the Democratic race. Edwards was hoping for a face to face showdown with Clinton and will be pulling out all the punches in the remaining weeks of the campaign.

What is interesting about December is that a lot of candidates will make a dart for the finish or respectability. Help from major endorsements from Kennedy and Gore still looming.



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