Monthly Archives: November 2007

Clinton Signage War In NH

The Clinton War Machine has launched its first strategic strike on her opponents in New Hampshire of late. In terms of signage she’s ahead of the pack. On a quick drive to the super market I noticed at lot of lawns with more than one sign and some with three. Small businesses have the larger eye-catching […]

An Edward’s Third-Place Finish in Iowa

Former Senator John Edwards candidacy is riding on Iowa more than any other candidate. If he doesn’t make it of Iowa on top or at the very least with a strong second place finish his chances are doomed. Part of his strategy was hitting Senator Clinton hard while ignoring Senator Barack Obama. In the end, […]

Michelle Obama’s Controversial ‘The View’ Appearance

  Michelle Obama has been invited to make an appearance on the view and hopefully they’ll trap her into calling Hillary Clinton a name and expressing some of the angsts the two camp have for each other. There has been a lot of fighting going on between the two camps under the radar of late […]

Clinton: Every Obama Action Shows Inexperience

It seems like every Obama confrontation brings an inexperience tag from the Clinton camp. The strategy is to keep reminding voters he is not capable of doing the job on day one. I get the visual effect of an older sibling holding the head of a younger sibling while they’re swinging in the air. Obama’s […]

Campaign 2008 Political Chatter

John McCain has been the most surprising candidate of he race despite his mother’s even tougher “straight talk” and who he chooses to laugh with. People around the country will begin to watch the race in greater numbers and hopefully there won’t be any antics from the Spears, Lohan, Hilton or Ritchie of the world […]

Karl Rove Suprised At Clinton’s Strength

I was reading an article ( at Time’s ‘The Page’ that talked about Karl Rove’s response to an interview where he stated he was surprised that none of the top Democratic contenders have challenged Senator Clinton after having so many opportunities to do so in Philadelphia and previous debates. Hillary is a very fluid debater […]

Clinton Obama Edwards Saga Continue

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t waste anytime going at it again with Hillary standing her ground and doing better in demonstrating the reason why she is the perennial front runner in the race for the White House. She stated they’re not going after her because she’s a woman, but they’re doing it because she’s […]

Obama’s Comfort Zone

The pundits and the pollsters have given the race to Hillary Clinton on a silver platter and this story is beginning to take a different turn because it appears as though Obama has gotten a hold of what it takes to win. Winning was apparent in the cadence of his speech on Saturday at the […]

Obama’s Executive Problem

It is important to understand the type of President a candidate will be before you make the choice to vote for him. About eight years ago a lot of the electorate evaluated George W. Bush around domestic agendas and credited him with the ability to pull together the advice and counsel from a list of […]