Obama’s Audacious Assumption: America is Ready!

Today at the dawn of a new century we are still grappling with questions of race and skin pigmentation in America. If our forefathers could have peaked into our nation’s challenges at this chapter, what would they offer about some of the questions we are asking about an Afro-American candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America. I think they would be amused as I am. Every time I hear the media ask is America ready I cringe. The fact that an Black Presidential candidate has made it this far leading in the polls is one of the greatest indicators that America is ready! Jackson and Sharpton might not be but America is.

In America today hundreds of years later, the one drop rule applies. We still coexist under the great text “That all men are created equal…” but don’t think about running for President yet.

I can’t help but suspect that media types bring up the experience question when they want to disguise the question of blackness. There will not be another Administration in the White House more ‘experienced’ than the one that entered in 2000. Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice were not coined ‘The Dream Team’ for nothing. No one imagined an inexperienced John F. Kennedy impacting the previous American Century. There were a lot of “Let us…!” in Obama’s speech reminiscent to Kennedy’s memorable speeches; by the way.

Barack Obama had it right in the 60 Minutes interview when the question was asked about poll numbers showing Black America supporting the Hillary Clinton campaign by double digits. Black American’s are sophisticated enough not to vote for a candidate strictly based on race. Obama recognizes the fact that he has to get out there and earn every vote.

If you confronted most Americans with this very question, Do you think Colin Powell would have served us better as President in the last eight years than President George W. Bush? I think an overwhelming majority would say yes. They would base their question on Powell’s widely reported reluctance in going into Iraq and the consequences he articulately posed about engaging in a long occupation there. They also believe the man is capable based on experience as well; none of it having to do with elected office either.

Barack Obama is basing his candidacy on the audacious assumption that American is one step ahead of the commentators, strategists, and media hawks who question our readiness. There is nothing like being there on the ground and sensing the tremendous support for Obama’s candidacy. When the crowds are shown at Obama rallies the sites cannot be scripted like other political events.

With the rise of candidates of color in many elected offices across the country, voters know that the need for change trumps race. The need for leadership is great for our generation.


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