Huckabee Return Jabs Effectively

Huckabee and Romney

Governor Mike Huckabee returned every blow effectively in last night’s debate. Being knighted with front runner status at this stage in the election gives him even more room for mobility as the other contenders stand at his heels. Huckabee has become likable in Iowa and that is what Romney’s camp fear the most.

I was listening to a New Hampshire voter on the radio who happened to be a Romney supporter saying she was very impressed with Huckabee’s climb in polls in Iowa and even stated she was considering a second look at Huckabee. He provides the conservative credentials along with a likable Gomer Pile feel. One of the things that politics is missing in all the mudslinging is a candidate that projects a Reaganesque optimism.

Huckabee involved his pastor’s advice about knowing you’re ahead when opponents are kicking you in the butt was similar to the confident “there you go again” reply to Jimmy Carter in the 1980 debate. Finally I’m sensing some excitement at the Republican debates as voters in the early states start to pay attention.

If nothing else Huckabee is building a case for the VP bid and he’ll provide a lot better contrast to a dour Cheney selection in 2000 that wanted to convince voters the administration was experienced.

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