Daily Archives: November 29th, 2007

Obama’s Audacious Assumption: America is Ready!

Today at the dawn of a new century we are still grappling with questions of race and skin pigmentation in America. If our forefathers could have peaked into our nation’s challenges at this chapter, what would they offer about some of the questions we are asking about an Afro-American candidate for the Presidency of the […]

Mark Halperin’s Grades The Candidates

Mark Halperin’s Grades yesterday’s Republican Debate: Mike Huckabee: B+ John McCain: B+ Mitt Romney: B- Fred Thompson: C+ Rudy Giuliani: C Ron Paul: C- Tom Tancredo: D Duncan Hunter: D http://www.enewsreference.com/

Huckabee Return Jabs Effectively

Governor Mike Huckabee returned every blow effectively in last night’s debate. Being knighted with front runner status at this stage in the election gives him even more room for mobility as the other contenders stand at his heels. Huckabee has become likable in Iowa and that is what Romney’s camp fear the most. I was […]