The Fall Of The Clinton Dynasty

Bill and Hillary 

“I will govern according to the common weal, but not according to the common will.” -James I

This quote came to mind when poll results indicated Iowans believed Senator Clinton is more inclined to not say what is on her mind. The Obama camp has linked this sort of politicing to the administration of George W. Bush. Senator Obama has stated in one of his ads we need to tell people what they need to hear…we need to tell them the truth. Obama has simplified the race on average-everyday-people terms to the extent that he has had to fight off criticism of being naive.

Along comes an opponent like Barack Obama, a candidate who seems to be willing to govern to both the common “weal” and will. Voters are looking for candidates who are not looking past them, but candidates who are willing to give straight answers to some of the toughest questions in the history of this great country. Should we talk to our enemies. When the unliked nieghbors and your child get into a fight you bite your tongue and engage in a dialogue to settle the dispute. Our system of justice hinges on meeting with those we have had a disagreement with and settling it in court face-to-face.

For too long Americans have been told to let Washington deal with Washington, or on the stump candidates give that sheepish smile as though our questions are too simple. Ten years down the road we have to look back on this period and know that we got it right. Our generation have to be able to vote out of our pocket books or on fear, but for the common will. Hillary Clinton has made it a point to change her image to appear friendly and voters have detected that change and the polls indicate that some are questioning whether or not it is authentic. Obama’s showing in Iowa and New Hampshire will hinge on whether or not he can articulately provide an alternative to the Clinton brand of politics and show the relevancy of his life’s story.

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