Karl Rove Suprised At Clinton’s Strength

Obama on the Stump

I was reading an article (http://thepage.time.com/karl-rove-on-hillary-clinton/) at Time’s ‘The Page’ that talked about Karl Rove’s response to an interview where he stated he was surprised that none of the top Democratic contenders have challenged Senator Clinton after having so many opportunities to do so in Philadelphia and previous debates. Hillary is a very fluid debater who is a lot quicker than Obama on the draw.

Some analysts have stated Obama gives the Constitutional Law response to questions, but it goes a little bit further than that…I think his answers are too careful. When Hillary Clinton mentioned health care he should’ve bluntly stated something to the effect of, Hillary you failed at health care in the 90s, because you were more concerned with special interest than you were with those that needed it and your campaign funds reflect who you’ll be fighting for.

That response would’ve got Obama taken of the VP list but it would’ve showed his supporters and Iowa and New Hampshire voters that the stakes are high in this election.


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