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John McCain has been the most surprising candidate of he race despite his mother’s even tougher “straight talk” and who he chooses to laugh with.

People around the country will begin to watch the race in greater numbers and hopefully there won’t be any antics from the Spears, Lohan, Hilton or Ritchie of the world that will distract the younger audience from major issues that effect them more than any part of the electorate. So let their handlers know that the stakes are high. Send them all on a vacations to the Bahamas.

There is no candidate who’s candidacy hinges on whether or not he can bring out the youth crowd in this race than Barack Obama. In many ways his showing in Iowa and his ability to beat the “perennial front runner” will depend on his get out to vote effort. Obama’s supporters has already complained that he hasn’t been tough enough. Rolling up his sleeves and acting like he’s a desperate madman willing to do anything to win and depending more on his gut than script will catapult his race and put him over the finish line first.

Hillary has finally learned she can’t just smile her way to the nomination. And the truth of the matter is the more she’s challenged in this race the better she’ll do in a tough general election contest. Using Bill Clinton will be more awkward in the general election because he conjures up a lot of memories from the past that could possibly boost the GOP’s efforts.

Mitt Romney realized he has to start giving out some shots and stop ignoring them. Like Howard Dean his lead in the polls in the early states is not a given. There’s work to be done to win Iowa and New Hampshire.


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