Daily Archives: November 18th, 2007

Campaign 2008 Political Chatter

John McCain has been the most surprising candidate of he race despite his mother’s even tougher “straight talk” and who he chooses to laugh with. People around the country will begin to watch the race in greater numbers and hopefully there won’t be any antics from the Spears, Lohan, Hilton or Ritchie of the world […]

Karl Rove Suprised At Clinton’s Strength

I was reading an article (http://thepage.time.com/karl-rove-on-hillary-clinton/) at Time’s ‘The Page’ that talked about Karl Rove’s response to an interview where he stated he was surprised that none of the top Democratic contenders have challenged Senator Clinton after having so many opportunities to do so in Philadelphia and previous debates. Hillary is a very fluid debater […]