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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t waste anytime going at it again with Hillary standing her ground and doing better in demonstrating the reason why she is the perennial front runner in the race for the White House.

She stated they’re not going after her because she’s a woman, but they’re doing it because she’s winning. This response has a ring of truth to it…the other candidates have a lot of ground to check up and at times they appeared a little desperate in their attacks.

One of the most serious flaws with Obama was in going after Hillary he didn’t adequately state why her policy proposals on health care, social security and Iraq was wrong for average Americans and how they would be effected by her policy choices. Instead he focused too much on a she-said-he-said attack version that had the appearance of being destructive and not constructive criticism.

The boos might’ve been scripted tonight. It appeared as though there were more Clinton supporters present. Obama has the issue of appearing tough while not appearing desperate at the same time.

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    I’d agree there were more Clinton supporters last night. However, I think Obama did a good job of outlining why Senator Clinton’s policies on Social Security wouldn’t work. Or at least why his are better.

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