Obama’s Comfort Zone

The pundits and the pollsters have given the race to Hillary Clinton on a silver platter and this story is beginning to take a different turn because it appears as though Obama has gotten a hold of what it takes to win.

Winning was apparent in the cadence of his speech on Saturday at the Jefferson Jackson speech. It is now also apparent that Barack Obama is at a moment in the race where he feels most comfortable. Part of the truth of Jesse Jackson’s “acting white” accusation is that Obama can’t act when it come to winning the White House, he has to be himself. This is what the crowds enjoy.

When Hillary Clinton is under the spotlight, some of the problems of the nineties begin to surface, the vote to authorize the War in Iraq all of a sudden becomes a major failure and not a tough strong decision to make and gaffes begin to surface in the Clinton Camp.

The revelation of the Clinton campaign planting questions in the audience seem to validate some of the accusations from John Edwards even though this is what campaigns have been doing since modern politics began.

Clinton is vulnerable and for the first time in the race her anointed position of nominee apparent is threatened and even worse she is in a battle that might threaten her standing in a general election. It is making it almost impossible not to select Barack Obama as her running mate if she wins the nomination. There is no other candidate that can energize the base and bring voters to the polls like Obama.

It is wonderful to see Obama fighting a battle that he is willing to give everything to win. If Clinton chooses to fight back I think Obama will be more comfortable in a battle than being ignored by the Clinton camp and wondering if his message has the potential of turning away Iowa voters.

Obama has found a place in this race where in his comfortable in his own skin and the message he’s delivering. If Clinton doesn’t fight back it will leave room for many Iowans on the fence and disenfranchised with the war to say why not Obama.


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